Like the idea of cyber-insurance? It does exist, in case you get hit by malware, or other problems caused by cybertheives. There’s an insurance company that does that, specifically, for a number of customers who they also protect. Sounding good so far, until you find that they have also been hit. One part of that reality, however, is that even the guy who runs LifeLock has been hit by criminals. The more that you say you’re a genius, the more people will try to make a fool out of you.
Aon, the British-American provider of insurance and pension administration, has brought in external specialists to help probe a “cyber incident”.

In addition to broader risk insurance options, Aon sells cyber insurance policies and related solutions to customers, including Cyber Risk Financing, Cyber Impact Analysis, Security Testing, Incident Response Retainers, and Stroz Friedberg Digital Forensics.