Our government is continuing to incentivise us to buy electric vehicles, even as some of us are growing more convinced that they aren’t all that green. A new tax credit of $7500 for new, and $4000 for used, but the caveats include a maximum sticker price. The max price of $55,000 for a car, means that the Tesla Model 3 base configuration is closer than we are supposed to be social distancing. A max price of $25,000 for a used EV is also rough, as a search within 200 miles of me showed the small little sub-compacts, not the favored Tesla. They also lock out people with higher incomes, making this a messed up offer.

The surprise deal by Senate Democrats on a pared-down climate, health care and inflation bill would give buyers an EV tax credit starting next year, among other incentives.

Found at www.fox5ny.com