Starlink and T-Mobile announced a joint venture to eliminate
dead zones. With 20% of the United
States having no cell signal, this was an initial selling point to those who
might go roaming in rural areas.
T-Mobile will devote a section of their radio spectrum to this new
feature, frequencies that all of their phones already use. To start, this will be a data only feature,
for text messages, separating low bandwidth data from emails and websurfing. Later, voice calls may be added in. Starlink will need to upgrade their antenna
arrays, launch them into space and more, but the tech will be in space
soon. The most popular plans with T-Mobile
are expected to include this new satellite service. This came hours after Starlink announced
price cuts to many of their customers around the world.

The two companies are joining forces to help T-Mobile blanket the US with wireless service.

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