In just over five years, Facebook has fallen from grace with teenagers. Only about 32% of them are interested in Facebook these days. Most of them are on YouTube (95%), TikTok (67%), Instagram (62%), and Snapchat (59%). The youth world plummets after that, with the rest of the platforms having less, and sometimes far less than 25% of the youth. Where will the youth go after this? Who knows. For the youth who are on platforms, TikTok deems to have the most devotion. This does not bode well for Meta, which just offered up a bond sale, and made a bunch of cash that way.

Gen Z internet use is on the rise, but the rate at which teens use Facebook is rapidly declining. A Pew Research Center study on teens, technology and social media found that only 32% of teens aged 13-17 use Facebook at all, but in a previous survey from 2014-2015, that figure was 71%, beating out platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Jules Terpak, a Gen Z content creator covering digital culture, told TechCrunch that teens just don’t find value in Facebook anymore.