Whenever we hear of a layoff, and see large numbers, we sometimes neglect the bigger picture. So, when I say Amazon is laying off 18,000 employees in two weeks, please note that they employ 1.6 million people. For each of those individuals, it will be an impact. Also, this is an update from November, when it was going to be 10,000. It is going to impact Amazon Stores, as well as the People Experience and Technology Solutions teams. The first is obvious. The second is the teams that improve the experience for their current employees, the folks that make working for Amazon better. Canning them doesn’t sound like the greatest idea to me, but maybe it’s just me.

Amazon is going to lay off 18,000 employees, almost double what it had previously planned in November. Communication with affected employees is now set to take place from January 18.

Found at www.neowin.net