When it comes to personal responsibility, it’s great if you can choose options that are less of a drain on Earth’s natural resources. Apple, however, rolled out a feature that slowed down your charging, if the electric grid wasn’t using clean energy resources like solar or wind. Let me rephrase this… Apple is punishing you, because your electric company isn’t using clean energy. This was rolled out as an option, but recently that option was clicked to a default of yes. The claim on the iPhone is that it’ll still be ready in time, but at a certain point, we start getting into little micro-manipulations of our habits that could potentially impact us when life throws curveballs. I’m not a fan of us being used as pawns, so here we go… Settings, Battery, Battery Health and Charging.

Users on social media appeared bothered by a recently implemented and little-noticed feature that slows down iPhone charging times in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.