Twitter Verified status has been around for a little while, and now Meta (aka Facebook and Instagram) is testing a similar service at $12 a month. They’ve also indicated that this payment will come with an increase of visibility and reach on the platform in a variety of areas. Right now it’s being tested in Australia and New Zealand, before they take it around the world. It’s unnerving, as we already are treated in various positive or negative ways depending on our political views, our post quantity, and other factors. I can see it in some of the people that I intentionally try to check in with more, and others who I don’t care to see… and I have my suspicions as to the disparities amongst my friends. The Netflix show, Black Mirror, has an episode that speaks heavily to this social media scoring system, and I spoke about it just recently.

Meta’s new subscription service for verified Facebook and Instagram users feels more like a money grab than an improvement.