Amazon is facing some problems as part of their return-to-office mandate. One of Amazon’s VPs sent an email out to some of their workers to build a positive spin. Unfortunately, they used ChatGPT to create a story about “important and organic learnings in the workplace”. That story, however, was painfully strange, and didn’t accomplish the goal, instead raising the levels of discontent. This quote hits hard… “If you’re trying to put a human face on a thing and say ‘We understand what you’re going through’, maybe don’t ask a robot”. Amazon has been famously sending mixed signals, but as a company that already struggles with bad press, I’m of the opinion that they need to clean up their act.

Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily BeastOn Monday, as Amazon’s corporate employees were griping about an abrupt change to its remote-work policies, a company vice president sent an email to their team in an effort to tamp down the uprising. The email acknowledged the workers’ frustration, a person familiar with its contents said. Then it took a bizarre turn.The vice president instructed an artificial-intelligence-powered chatbot called ChatGPT to create an imaginary “story about import