Sam Bankman-Fried, the man behind FTX, is under house arrest as a result of the investigations into scams, fraud, etc… and the pending court cases. It seems that the prosecutors are not happy that he is using a VPN. Now, there are two sides to this… one is that he is entitled to communicating with his own attorneys with confidentiality. The other side is that VPNs are often used to move crypto-currency, the anonymous money transactions that he’s being prosecuted for. I’m of the opinion that while he’s entitled to confidentiality, he can bring his lawyers to his home, and communicate there. Many other people involved with cybercrimes have had their internet access withdrawn, and this guy definitely shouldn’t be any different.

Lawyers for the former FTX CEO say he watched the AFC and NFC Championship games and Super Bowl through a VPN, which masks web-browsing activity.