The world of AI, of GPT, will be gaining much attention over the coming months. This will be due to various companies leveraging the various models to be on the bandwagon early. Microsoft has placed tons of cash into AI development in recent days, and the new updates that are coming to Microsoft Office will be amongst those. Microsoft 365 Copilot is an add on that will do your bidding. Different prompts in plain language will be coming soon, and while it may not duplicate your specifics, and may start sounding sterile, it will be something that will take your work to a new level. I like the example given for Outlook; “Draft a response thanking them, and asking for more details about their 2nd and third points; shorten this draft, and make the tone professional.” Will it be perfect? No, but it will speed some of our work greatly.

Microsoft 365 Copilot and its AI should help those who know little about Excel actually competent, summarize meetings and email chains, and more. It’s Bing Chat on steroids.

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