The news this week, of a man in Vancouver, Canada getting into someone elses Tesla and driving off, sent shivers down the spines of many Tesla owners. Apparently the car was parked next to his, was the same model and color, and it simply unlocked and let him drive away. It did take him about 10 minutes to notice oddities, and then the actual owner reached out. He pulled over, examined the car, and then… got back in again, and continued driving while arranging to exchange back his car. Now, how did the owner reach out? Well, he was able to get into the first guys car using the app as well. This has all kinds of creepy concerns, and I wonder how long it will be before bad guys start trying to leverage this access ability.

A man in Vancouver, Canada was somehow able to get into someone else’s Tesla Model 3 and drive off with it only by using the Tesla app in his own phone. Rajesh Randev told Global News he thought he was getting into his own Tesla since the car he took was the same color as his.

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