In a shocking turn of events, Taiwan has fallen victim to what may be the most brazen act of cyber warfare to date. Taiwan has some of their citizens without internet after several undersea internet cables in the waters around Taiwan have been intentionally cut. The cuts were likely made by China, as tensions between China and Taiwan continue to rise. The cables affected are crucial for internet connectivity between Taiwan, China, and other countries in the region. This disruption not only affects personal internet usage but also businesses, including banking and finance, who rely on the internet for operations. The cuts also highlight the vulnerability of undersea internet cables, which are essential for global communication and trade. The ramifications of international espionage like this could be felt for years.

NANGAN, Taiwan (AP) — In the past month, bed and breakfast owner Chen Yu-lin had to tell his guests he couldn’t provide them with the internet. Others living on Matsu, one of Taiwan’s outlying islands closer to neighboring China, had to struggle with paying electricity bills, making a doctor’s appointment or receiving a package.

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