This shocker… 70% of United States based IT Security pros polled were told not to report a data leak. In this day and age, where our lives are increasingly reliant on security, this is unconscionable. Yes, there are high pressures today to beat these threats, but not talking about them is more dangerous to customers, employees, and those whose data was leaked. It will also burn bridges with customers who are increasingly fed up with hearing about the latest release of their personal identifying information, their private details, and the eventual bashing of their lives in the digital world. Worse yet, can you imagine a world where digital currency takes over, and those bits and bytes leaked, involve real leaks of digital dollars?

To further complicate matters, 40 percent of IT infosec folk polled said they were told to not report security incidents, and that climbs to 70.7 percent in the US, far higher than any other country. When told to keep mum about breaches, 30 percent of the total global respondents said they followed through and obeyed those orders when they knew it should have been reported. In the US, that number climbs to 54.7 percent of the total.