Governments are starting to look at ChatGPT, but not in the way that you might think. Europe is chasing after the idea of locking portions of AI down, and more. This isn’t all that different than what governments do. Italy has banned it, France and Canada are investigating after complaints, and Ireland and Germany are also ratcheting up their involvement in various ways. We’ve been talking on the show about how this so-called Intelligence isn’t as drastic as what people make it out to be, but it’s only moving further than before. It’ll be interesting to see who chimes in next.

France’s data regulator said on Wednesday it had received two complaints about the AI program ChatGPT, as European authorities deepened their scrutiny of the chatbot days after Italy banned it.European authorities including those of France, Ireland and Germany have since approached their Italian counterpart to try to establish a common position on ChatGPT.
And the concerns are not limited to Europe — on Tuesday, Canada’s data regulator said it was opening an investigation into OpenAI.

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