In a bit of non-news items, the iPhone is in second place for shipments worldwide. The claim is that it’s always a shocker, so why do I say non-news? Because it happens every year. Q4 is first place, and Q1 to Q3 is in second place. I see some promise because usually Samsung (the first place the rest of the year worldwide) has a 5% or so lead, and this time around, it’s about a 1% lead in Q1. Note, this is also world wide, and the iPhone isn’t as popular in other countries as the US, where it’s usually far better. We’re a little more than a month and a half away from Apple’s WWDC which may give us more reasons to buy or stick with iPhone.

New estimates report that global smartphone sales have declined for the fifth straight quarter, with the iPhone 14 Pro not enough to keep Apple on top.