The idea of being given the axe via Zoom, email, or even a remote call, has been given a different approach this past week. The Washington Post pointed out that these virtual layoffs allowed for privacy after the fact, a cool-down period, emotion releasing, and getting moving fast. That long embarrassing walk out to your car would be spared as well. It’s always painful, but perhaps it might be easier for many folks. In today’s shift to remote work, that also means that many people have the family support structure to be right there when the impact happens. Don’t get me wrong, I still side with the idea of a personal touch, not email, and not group calls like what Zuckerberg did back in November, but some may disagree.

When an employee with Amazon’s gaming unit tried to sign in for work last Tuesday, she found her access to most internal systems had been revoked. Her calendar had been cleared, except for a 15-minute meeting labeled “Organizational Update.”

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