Space, the Final Frontier, and you know the rest. Some 50 years since we’ve had a man on the moon, the Artemis project is moving forward to take us back again. Apollo 8 was the first manned craft to leave Earth and orbit the moon. Artemis II is next up, and will bring us closer to the moon than we’ve been in 50 years with a similar mission as Apollo 8. The crew was announced this past week, and it brings a few firsts. It will bring a woman, a black, and a Canadian man closer to the moon than ever before. It’s still a long way off, with November 2024 as the next launch, and that will be test run for a year later, when Artemis 3 will send 2 more astronauts to touch that big huge nightlight in the sky! And if you haven’t been following the details… the 10 year or so plan is to put a habitat on the moon, and culminate in a one year mission.

NASA named the astronauts who will fly to the moon, the first to make the journey in over 50 years, for the next Artemis mission, slated for November 2024.

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