Various celebrity voices have been available in the past for your Waze, Google Assistance, and Alexa. Each of these has slowly went out of favor, and Alexa has been one of the last holdouts. This feature, however, is moving towards the Recycle Bin, as Amazon announced the end of the support. Shaq, Melissa McCarthy, and Samuel L Jackson are being discontinued slowly. The nice thing is that each of the paid versions is being refunded upon request as they back these out of the system. I see these as novelty items, and while they mildly built interest in the systems, they weren’t much different and probably took a bit of behind the scenes support. Apparently, they are planning to keep one special voice for the Christmas holidays… Santa Claus. Ho, ho, ho….

We have bad news if you paid for some of those optional celebrity voices on your Amazon Alexa speaker over the years. Not only are those voices no longer available, but Amazon will be removing them from Alexa devices, even if you paid for one.