HP is at it again. The released a firmware update across large amounts of their printers, locking them down if the toner or ink cartridges aren’t official HP product. Their claim now is that it’s to protect against malware and hackers. Before, they wanted to protect you in case you broke your own printer. This is an ongoing scare, and I’m surprised that HP keeps doing this. They’ve been told before that they must allow third party parts, and I’m fairly sure it’s a portion of the Magnusson Moss Warranty Act, though HP might claim that specific section only applies to cars. Further, they tell you to replace your toner and ink far earlier than when it runs out. You can only use Ford gas in your Ford car, and oh yeah, if you go below a half tank, we’ll warn you about impending doom. This continues to be a plague on HP and the printer industry which is already suffering due to a lack of interest in printing anymore. Our only solution right now, is to wait to see if HP gets sued or scared back into allowing us to use third party product.

The company will again brick your printer if you’re not using its overpriced ink

Found at www.inc.com