News has been all about the end of the drive-thru window order taker this week as Wendy’s announced using an AI chatbot for taking orders. In one store in Columbus, Ohio. The chatbot will take orders, upsell to the large size, and will also know the many shortcuts that people use for ordering. The idea here is to be on top of technology, and leverage it for learning about what it can do for us. Perhaps it may fail like the many burger flipping robots, or other experiments in tech in fast food. Perhaps it may be successful and streamline some of the jobs in fast food. I’m less enthralled with the scare tactics of news entities that think that somehow we will all be replaced, all of our jobs, our incomes, and more in the span of 2 years… one of the actual scary headlines from this past week.

The fast-food chain has customized a language model with terms like ‘JBC’ for junior bacon cheeseburger and ‘biggie bags’ for meal combos

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