AI voice scams are being pulled more and more. The ability for AI to listen to small portions of audio, then be reused into things like the grandparent scam is scary. The grandparent scam is to reach out, and say that grandkid is in trouble. But now with the AI voice, scammers can even have the grandkid ask for help. This evolution is getting worse, and will continue. Worse yet, no laws can stop scammers, as they will continue. The best way to avoid these scams, is to distrust even the voices of the ones we know and love, to resist knee-jerk reactions and to follow-up where we can know and verify before we send money to bad guys.

The voice on the phone seemed frighteningly real — an American mother heard her daughter sobbing before a man took over and demanded a ransom.”Help me, mom, please help me,” Jennifer DeStefano, an Arizona-based mother, heard a voice saying on the other end of the line.

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