When it comes time to talk about ethics, many consider church to be a good source of guidance. This past week, the Vatican released a set of guidance in regards to AI. The title is “Ethics in the Age of Disruptive Technologies: An Operational Roadmap”, and is intended to cover many topics. AI, yes, but also encryption, tracking, and more. More amazing to me, is that executives from Silicon Valley, long known for being more subdued in religious observance, sought this out. I personally approach this as a very good thing. I haven’t read the handbook, nor considered anything beyond the news, to determine it’s theological accuracy. Still, I’m more hopeful that people are considering this, evaluating the balances, and weighing a number of concerns to determine goodness.

Rather than sit around and wait for an AI apocalypse, Pope Francis and company partnered with Santa Clara University on guidelines tech companies can use today.

Found at gizmodo.com