BMW has entered into the world of smartglasses, and it’s not as strange as you might think. Take the heads-up display from a car, and place it into sunglasses. Why there? Because it’s not for the car, but for BMW motorcycle riders. Next up, add in basic speed, directions, street names and speed limit, and you have a display that keeps your head away from all of the tech on the handlebars. I’ve driven well over 150,000 miles on two wheels across 10 bikes over the years, and this looks like a dream. The price tag is a little high for some at $750, but when you recognize the value of that add-on for a $30,000 bike, it’s not as scary.

The BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Smartglasses will be available later this year for around $750. Speed and directions will appear on the lenses.

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