A short while back, we covered how the FTC wanted to make it easier to cancel. Of course, the big businesses are complaining. Arguments include “First Amendment”, that the rules would confuse and harm consumers, massive disclosures are required, and that it’s just too hard to enable cancellation through a single click or action by the customer. Even the CTA, the folks that run the Consumer Electronics Show, dived in, and instead of rooting for the consumer, they pushed for the companies, which isn’t a surprise after all. Having spent an hour cancelling my last internet service provider, and enduring multiple phone calls to woo me back, even though I had moved away from available service (which they knew all along), you can guess that I’m on the side of the consumer here.
The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is considering whether to make it easier for folks to cancel deliveries and subscription services. People should be able to simply click on a page or in an app to exit a subscription, and not have to go through a maze of bureaucracy, it’s suggested.