A 360 foot tall sphere in Las Vegas started lighting up this week, about a block away from The Wynn. No, not part of the fabled Area 51 UFO exhibit, but rather, a new concert venue called the Sphere. It’s billed as the largest LED screen, and the resolution is amazing at 16k. Inside is an 18,000 seat venue, where you’ll have some view of the exterior screen as well during the events. Already booked, and selling fast for the venue, is the band U2, who will be playing for an extended length of time from September through December at least, with tickets running about $500 or more. Quick math: 9 million a night. The venue was a 2.3 Billion price tag, so they have to make their money somehow.

Home to the tallest Ferris wheel in the US and the strongest light beam on earth, Las Vegas loves to break records. The MSG sphere is just the latest light pollution generating attraction for Sin City to flex.

Found at www.msn.com