Imagine your CEO announcing layoffs, pay freezes, and then turning around and announcing a “landmark fiscal year”. Imagine that it’s one of the behemoths in the IT industry. Imagine that it was Microsoft. Yeah, that’s what happened recently, and the employees are starting to struggle with the idea of the disparity. Sure, it means more returns to stockholders, and a value that’s just behind Apple’s 3 Trillion, with Microsoft sitting at 2.6 Trillion. Across the 200,000 or so employees, that’s about 13 million of value for each of them, with an average staffer’s pay just shy of $200,000. There do appear to be rumblings, but I’ll admit it’s easy to hate the big guys.
Following a wave of layoffs and stagnating pay, dissent among some of Microsoft’s workforce is breaking out against CEO Satya Nadella after he thanked them for their contribution to the “landmark” fiscal ’23.