Apple has moved forward with an anti-repair technique that is raising eyebrows in the Right-To-Repair community. If you have one of the more recent iPad Pro machines, and you replace the screen with a 3rd party screen, the Apple Pencil will stop working. They even found that it produced flawed work if you replaced the official screen with another official screen from a different unit, due to a feature called serialization. The best comparison is that if you had a serialized battery for your car, went to go replace it with a generic battery, but couldn’t due to that serial number… forcing you to go back to the dealer. Oh, and in case you’re wondering… some car companies already do that.

Apple has migrated a “feature” from the iPhone to the iPad that results in the loss of Apple Pencil functionality when repaired with third-party parts, tossing a wrench into the Right to Repair movement.