It’s interesting how the big huge topic from earlier this year is falling on hard times. The latest news from the AI front is that just over half of us are more concerned than excited about the increase in the usage of AI. From there, the usage of ChatGPT has been falling. The bloom is off this rose, as the constant reports of stupid errors, lack of excitement, all combined with poor business models continues. It’s falling into fad territory quickly, as I indicated it might. So, Open AI is now working quickly to develop a new model, one that involves pitching their services to business, including increased speed, security and privacy enhancements. Will that be enough to save these folks?

OpenAI on Monday said it was launching a business version of ChatGPT as its artificial intelligence sensation grapples with declining usership nine months after its historic debut.The ChatGPT business version resembles Bing Chat Enterprise, an offering by Microsoft, which uses the same OpenAI technology through a major partnership.

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