A strange report states that many of us engaging in email, web surfing, doomscrolling, and more, are holding our breath, or at least changing the patterns. Linda Stone is a former exec at Microsoft, and now calls this screen apnea. The report is that we are being constantly stimulated, and some of that is setting us on alert, giving us signals of threats, even when they don’t physically exist. Some of the things to do is ensure that you’re healthy include checking that you are breathing, taking breaks, and even increasing your screen size to put more available to see, instead of creating hidden virtual dangers. Interesting approaches all the way.

In 2007, Linda Stone, a former Microsoft executive, realized that even though she did breathing exercises every morning, when she sat down at her laptop and opened up her inbox, it all went out the window. “I would be like, Huh, I was just breathing but I’m not breathing anymore,” she said. Her inhales and exhales became barely detectable and shallow, she noticed.

Found at dnyuz.com