This coming week are two major tech conferences in the cybersecurity world. First is BlackHat, which will then be followed by Defcon. This is where we will see a number of the different vulnerabilities announced, some in the form of stupid pet tricks, and others in the form of exploits that do astonishing things. The biggest tease for the conferences this week was an echo of one from about a decade ago when Jeep Cherokees were rendered vulnerable. This time, researchers have found a way to jailbreak a Tesla and spin up features that were locked out during the purchase phase. The reference was to heated rear seats, where the hardware already exists, but is turned off in software. They also were able to extract personal information, so long as they had physical access.

A group of researchers found a way to hack a Tesla’s hardware with the goal of getting free in-car upgrades, such as heated rear seats.

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