Worldcoin went live about a week ago. It scans your eye, for $30, and then enables you to deal with cryptocurrency through their systems. They promise that their information is secure, but they’ve already been hacked. They promise that they won’t use your retina scans, or sell them, but this is being headed up by Sam Altman, the brain behind OpenAI, which you may know as ChatGPT. Yes, that ChatGPT, which is already facing lawsuits over their poor handling of data, and lack of regard for intellectual property of others. Worse yet, they are pushing a WorldID through this… one that has a long list of dystopian theories that they haven’t got good answers for, including losing your WorldID to a hacker, and then you can’t buy or sell… a strange phrase from some prediction long ago. Check out the article in the news section at Computer Talk

Opinion: Worldcoin is no radical new financial system, and certainly not one aimed at equality or fairness.

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