The latest numbers are in regarding web browsers, and one interesting thing is that they are almost stagnant. With all of the push and shove that Microsoft has been giving Edge, it still rates at about 5% of all browser usage. Internet Explorer was near 2% when it was deprecated in 2020, and hadn’t been at 5% since 2016. Safari is the second place browser, found on Macs and other Apple products, and that leaves the juggernaut of Chrome still hanging out just above 60%, where it’s been since 2016. At this point, it will take a major game changer to shift things much, and probably only something like Google offending some 90% of people out there. Microsoft’s slow plodding, or perhaps Apple may eventually give way, but it’s hard to say. It would be nice to see Safari for Windows brought back, but I’m not holding my breath there.

Chrome is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the browser world. There is another, down in the number two slot. And then, there are all the rest.

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