Another round of misleading advertising is coming around, and Comcast has been talking up their 10G service. It’s meaningless… The problem is that people think about 5G phone speeds, or 10 gigabit speeds, on ads like this, but it’s not that. It’s a branding thing. Most of the Comcast customers are reporting 1Gbps speeds, at the best, but that’s the download speeds. Upload speeds are around 35Mbps upload, which isn’t bad for most, but in no way is this competing with Fiber. The latest is that some of the ad industry folks are starting to fight back, and if this follows suit, perhaps some government investigations. Buyer beware.

Comcast says Xfinity offers 10G home internet, but the term “10G” is hazy and potentially misleading—especially because it has no relation to 5G for cell phones.

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