Someone finally decided to test one of the Mustang EV’s to see if it would survive a huge traffic jam of 12 hours, mostly in idle, but with cold weather. It did pass, but there were a few little tricks along the way, given by the Ford rep. Yes, it survived, and it told the tale of a snowy cold day, but it relied on pre-warming the car, and a heated seat for one occupant. It left aside issues like the lines of people lined up to charge up after the incident, and it started with 100% charge, but perhaps it would be OK for most commuters. I’m not impressed, as it was a controlled experiment on a new car, but it did examine the idea that it was possible. Am I buying one? No… but it answered some questions.

I idled in an electric car for 12 hours in the freezing cold to see what would happen. Did the Electric Car Hold Its Own?