This topic is a double-edged sword, cutting at both sides of the issue. A 2-day summit this week in London, explored regulations against AI risks, and it represents a certain level of anxiety that people are having. We fear the unknown… all of us. We fear big technology that we don’t understand… all of us. We fear many of the disruptors that stand to impact our jobs, art, information, or control over our lives. AI represents so many different issues out there that could impact us, and we don’t know what, how, why it could, but we know it will. Further, it represents Pandora’s box, the bad genie in a bottle, and every other cautionary tale of “be careful what you wish for”. This epic movie is just beginning, and we haven’t even seen the opening credits.

From Hollywood’s death-dealing Terminator to warnings from genius Stephen Hawking or Silicon Valley stars, fears have been fueled that artificial intelligence (AI) could one day destroy humanity.”The impact of such artificial intelligence is going to be truly vast.”

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