We’ve previously mentioned Miso Robotics, a company that built Flippy, a burger flipping robot. The latest news is that they will launch CaliExpress by Flippy, the world’s first fully autonomous restaurant. The restaurant will use advanced food technology systems to automate both grill and fry stations, combining artificial intelligence and robotics. Located in Pasadena, California, the restaurant will offer a different type of dining experience, with patrons witnessing robotic preparation of their meals The restaurant will also feature a pseudo-museum experience curated by Miso Robotics, aimed at motivating the upcoming generation of kitchen AI and automation entrepreneurs. The reality in my mind is that they’ve tried multiple times to make this concept work, and it’s still not flying as well as it should. Humans will be needed for much of the behind the scenes process, even if the up-front robot steals the limelight.

The new CaliExpress by Flippy in California” has been heralded as the “world’s first fully autonomous restaurant.”