Adobe is the biggest name yet to come under fire with the Federal Trade Commission plan for “click to cancel” regulations. Adobe had to reveal in their SEC filings that they may have some significant monetary hits from this. The FTC guidelines require a simple cancellation mechanism, customers must say yes in order to receive pitches to stay, and annual reminders for any renewal other than physical goods. We’ve discussed the dark patterns that are often employed, and the FTC is distinctly against this as well. It’s all about making it easier on the consumers, and I see it as one of the few good things our government is doing.
The FTC is investigating Adobe, after widespread consumer complaints that the company makes it too hard to cancel app subscriptions.

Adobe was one of the earliest software companies to switch from a one-off purchase model to recurring subscriptions, but consumers have long complained that it’s easier to start a subscription than it is to end one …

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