In what is initially a headscratcher, UC Berkeley has a new course for their college students. It’s not about being a better IT person, a better computer programmer, or getting your MBA. This course from one of the top 10 universities in the world, is about how to play video games. Sure, they’ll teach some items like the history and culture of Japan and video games, but it really is about gaming. I struggle with this, but it does reflect on a changing world where adapting, and by extension, conquering, all lead forward when the gamification of everything is coming into play. This may have some interesting impacts on our future, as game theory is put into play in many areas where we don’t expect it. One of these days, perhaps we’ll talk more about game theory and it’s practical application.

WE’VE often been told to stop playing video games and to do something productive like studying, but now you’re able to do both.One of the world’

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