With the latest numbers for cable TV out, shows that the former powerhouses for entertainment, are fading away. Networks like MTV and Disney Channel are losing viewers fast, and many channels are now filled with reruns instead of new content. MTV is 1/4 of it’s size 10 years ago, Disney has lost 93% in that same time. AMC is down 73%, and USA nearly 70%. Cable subscriptions are also nearly half off their high mark. This shift is due to the rise of streaming like Netflix, which has changed how we all watch TV. Most of those channels have abandoned new programming, and are trying to live on reruns and other remnants of yesteryear. I wonder how many people are still with cable, because they just haven’t bothered yet.

Cable television is filled with ghosts. They’re networks that somehow survive as shadows of themselves, with schedules clogged with reruns and devoid of any real innovation.

Found at apnews.com