The weight of the Apple card, the ringing sound as it hits a counter, and the look all are amazing and upscale. Yes, there’s reasons for Apple fans to use it, people who want a little prestige when paying on a card too. The owners of the first of these titanium cards have been advised that it’s time for the replacement card to arrive. This isn’t all that different from normal plastic, but, unlike most other credit cards, Apple is asking you to ship the old one back for recycling the metal, presumably back into more cards. Yes, there was news about Goldman Sachs possibly moving on, but there are others waiting in the wings to be the financial name behind the Apple Card.
Apple Card was launched in 2019 in the US, and although using it with Apple Pay is the best solution, the company provides a physical card made of titanium so that holders can make purchases in stores that don’t accept contactless payments. Interestingly, the first Apple Cards issued are about to expire, and Apple is now shipping new ones to cardholders.

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