Kaspersky security software has been around for a long time. The Department of Commerce made a bold move by banning all Kaspersky security software in the US. Effective immediately, this ban extends to both sales and usage of Kaspersky products, with a final cutoff for security updates on September 29. The decision comes after a thorough review by the Department, citing significant national security risks posed by Kaspersky’s ties to the Russian Federation. The Bureau of Industry and Security emphasized concerns over potential data theft, espionage, and system vulnerabilities that could impact U.S. critical infrastructure. While Kaspersky denies any threat to national security and plans to challenge the ban legally, however businesses and consumers need to find an alternative quick.

President Biden has banned Kaspersky cybersecurity software to all on national security grounds. Here’s what you must do now to stay within the law and stay secure.

Found at www.forbes.com