In a bizarre twist, with Windows 10 planned for end-of-life about 1 1/2 years away in October, a new Beta version, meaning pre-release, has been planned for release for folks who are on the Windows Insider program. It hasn’t been announced what we’ll see in this new release, but the indication is that it will include features not seen before. There’s no clear thought as to if this indicates that Windows 10 will get more lifetime beyond next October, if Microsoft is backpedaling already after the Recall fiasco, or what, but it’s something that we’ll have to watch. This is a beta release, so the live release may be a few months further down the line.

While Windows 10 is on its way out, Microsoft is opening the Insider beta program for a last hurrah. Just don’t join Canary or Dev if you want to stay on Windows 10.

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