There is so much to share about Computer Talk Radio.

Addressing the simple aspect, in 2007, Benjamin Rockwell first joined Jeff Levy, the KFI AM 640 host from Los Angeles, on the air as part of the J-Team, as Jeff expanded his syndication.  In early January 2008, Computer Talk Radio broadcast it’s first episode on KTRB AM 860 in the San Francisco area.  Over the course of the following year, Computer Talk Radio expanded to new heights, and serving more listeners at every turn.  Currently, Computer Talk Radio broadcasts on 9 terrestrial broadcast stations, serving parts of Alaska, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, California, Nevada, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.  Additionally, you can find Computer Talk Radio on-line at various podcast sites, like iTunes, and of course…

Benjamin answers questions all of the time, and encourages your direct feedback regarding the show.  Please feel free to contact him with your questions, thoughts and ideas, and concerns.  The other members of the Computer Talk Radio team include Keith M. Sedor, an Apple consultant, and a car guy; Marty Winston, the author of the 40 Year House; and Steve Keske, a military veteran and a veteran of the IT industry.  Together, the entire team brings technology to your radio (or smartphone, computer, tablet, or other connected device).

Benjamin RockwellKeith M. SedorMarty WinstonSteve Keske

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