Biography for Benjamin Rockwell – Host

Benjamin Rockwell

Benjamin Rockwell

The host of Computer Talk Radio, Benjamin Rockwell, has been working with computers professionally for decades.

Benjamin started working with computers when he was a pre-teenager, and computer selection was small.  His first class in computing was on a Commodore Vic 20, and he hasn’t stopped working with computers since.  Along the way he became proficient in the Apple II series, a wide range of TRS-80’s, and other Commodore systems.

After getting married, he discovered Bulletin Board Systems (a type of precursor to the Internet as we know it), and became so fascinated with the concept that he set up his own BBS.  A friend offered him a job as a field technician in 1990, and Benjamin hasn’t stopped since.

While he casually refers to himself as a computer nerd, he doesn’t come across as the stereotypical obsessed nerd with a pocket protector.  Instead, he’s someone who is eager to help others.  From being a field technician and help desk technician, to being a specialist in various fields, all the way to having spent over 15 years as Information Services Manager/Director for various small companies, and a computer consultant for hundreds of individuals and small companies, Benjamin has seen his share of computer problems.

Benjamin has years of hands-on experience with computers, and a passion for learning new things and teaching them to others.  He works to ensure that he’s operating on the same wavelength as the people he talks to, and works to develop friendships at the same time.   Benjamin’s polite nature, patience and understanding come from having been in the shoes of the new user on many occasions.  With his easy going nature, he comes to the rescue and helps people see how their computer can work for them.

Benjamin’s background includes a wide variety of technical roles, from helping people turn on their computers, and building computer systems for his clients, to conducting training classes, network troubleshooting, and database programming.  Whether he’s developing a website, configuring a router, or tweaking a server, he excels at making things work.  Everyone with computers has problems with them, and he specializes in making sure their computers are running as well as his.