Biography for Marty Winston – Segment Producer for the 40 Year House project

Marty has classic talk radio in his blood, and his 40 Year House project provides knowledge and entertainment at a premium level.  In his past he’s written for magazines, newspapers, radio and TV, worked in ad agencies, been an HQ exec at Radio Shack and was named unofficial Mayor of CES.  Currently, on top of being a weekly regular at Computer Talk Radio, and the Author of the 40 Year House, Marty is the Editor of the Newstips Bulletin, offers Newstips Bulletin reviews and trend-watcher segments on other radio shows, writes a “Smarty House” feature in Tech50Plus, and provides occasional segments for WBAI-FM in New York City.  Marty bought one square foot of land in Scotland so his business cards can say Lord Martin Winston.

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