Quick biography for Miralyn Keske – News Analyst
Married to Steve Keske, Miralyn consults with Benjamin through the week, and keeps him updated with pertinent news items. Scouring the various news resources across the Internet daily, she points out items that have bearing on a weeks set of topics and guests, but also some of the items that may get overlooked in the rush to air. Miralyn’s balance makes sure that Benjamin doesn’t get too nerdy, or too far astray from the core concepts of Computer Talk Radio.

Biography for Benny Rockwell – Occcassional Segment Producer for Youth and Gaming
(aka “The Gamer”)
Better known on Computer Talk Radio as The Gamer, Benny Rockwell was brought up with access to computers and gaming that rivals,competes with most teenagers his age.  Disney’s original coaster program was one of the first adventures that Benny had in gaming, and he progressed through a variety of programs, games, handheld gaming devices, and consoles.  His experience includes playing early versions of Counter-Strike alongside his father, Quake III, as well as Sim-Tower, Sim-City, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and many more. His exposure to gaming runs an entire on-line universe of space, action, and adventure, in all areas from XBox to Wii, Gameboy to DS, Arcades to PC.  Even when he is unfamiliar with a particular game, he takes the time to quickly research and discover new trends in the industry.  This passion contributes towards making a better show for people who want to know more about what their peers, children, grandchildren, and so forth, are interested in. Benny also has strengths in the fields of social media, graphic art design, and his passion for helping the show has developed into a valuable asset for Computer Talk Radio.  Progressing from simply chiming in once in a while, to developing his own segments and material for the show, Benny has amazed the staff, listeners, and guests at every turn. Benny’s current commitments to college prevent regular segments, but his background and experience will bring him back on occasion for E3, and special segments.

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