Usually people who arrive here, would like to e-mail us.  Fill out the information below, with your name, email address, and whatever message you’d like to share with us.  If you are asking a question, please provide as much detail ahead of time as possible.  We’d also love to know where you heard the show, so please let us know in the message portion as well!

The show phone number is 888 NERD 888 (888-637-3888), but unlike most radio shows, you can call almost any time.  Sure, we’re not going to answer at 3:00am (that’s for the President), but if you were to call and get the voicemail, you can just leave a message and someone from the team will get back to you as soon as possible.  Leave your name, telephone number, and also e-mail address if you have one…

Sometimes people have letters to send us, or perhaps packages of goodies to review (no more cookies, however, Benjamin’s on a diet), so we have a mailing address.  It’s not glorious, but it’s not Benjamin’s personal home address, so that’s probably for the best, right?

Benjamin Rockwell (or anyone else on the team)
c/o Computer Talk Radio 
9852 Katella Avenue, #131
Anaheim, CA 92804

We have a tool called TeamViewer which we can use to remote control your computer, and view or resolve some problems with you.  The first time you do this, it may feel a little weird, crazy, or spooky, but it’s perfectly safe when you’re working with Benjamin!  It’s really easy, and all you have to do is Click here to start the process and be placed into the support queue…

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