Where would life be without fascinations?  Where would life be without exploring the different aspects of our world through laughter, amazement, curiosity, and that childlike glee when we see something anew for the first time?  I only wish that I could somehow bring many of the different treats that arrive on my web doorstep to your attention.  Of course, through the magic of the Internet, there are few constraints to this excitement.

On the last workday of the week (usually Friday), we will bring you something at 12:00 noon Pacific Time (that’s late afternoon on the East Coast, so you have something before leaving the office). It’s here to tickle your fancy, entice you to learn, entertain you, or simply explore your funny bone.  It may not always be humor, but it should never be boring.  It will be clean, safe for work and the family, and will be related to our core topics at Computer Talk Radio, that’s computers and technology, and occasionally just plain nerdy.

Further, like many of the other things around here, if you submit something that we use in our Friday Fascinations, I’ll also send you something from the grab box(es).

Benjamin Rockwell