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The Computer Talk Radio Nerdcast, with your hosts, 'East Coast Geek' Keith M. Sedor & 'West Coast Nerd' Benjamin Rockwell, helps everyone embrace their inner nerd, and join in the fun. Star Trek, Star Wars, star gazing, science fiction, lost & forgotten technologies, and other nerdy topics (like breakfast cereal & the Oreo flavor of the month) are just a few of topics we'll discuss. Special guests stop by to share their expertise, and exciting episodes like the gathering of the 'Treksperts Roundtable' round out the fun! So join us on the nerd side for The Nerdcast... the 'Computer Talk Radio Nerdcast'!

Nerdcast Special Guest: Greg Behrendt - Candy Travesty


Comedian, New York Times Best-Selling Author, and Funny Man, Greg Behrendt joins Keith & Benjamin to discuss life... AND CANDY!!! (Because aren't they one and the same?!) 

Greg has a new comedy album, 'Why Are You In Here?' available on Audible, iTunes, and wherever fine digital audio is served.  Go buy your copy NOW to show your support of Greg, and be wildly entertained in the process!


Follow Greg on Instagram: ItsGreggers


Comedian BJ Novak proves to Conan O'Brien that Cadbury DID, IN FACT, shrink the size of the full size Cadbury Creme Egg!



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This "Nerdcast" as we call it, is something special for our regular listeners that want to see the nerdier side of the folks behind Computer Talk Radio.  From gadgets to movies, the TV shows that enthrall us, and the other things that catch our attention, this is a different kind of free-for-all that underscores why we might still be considered nerds.