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The Treksperts Roundtable - Season 2 Mid-Season Analysis


In this gathering of The Treksperts Roundtable, there is dissention in the ranks. By the middle of Season 2, only half of the Treksperts are still watching Star Trek: Discovery, but the other half is loving it! But, which two are still watching, and which two have ‘punched out’???


The heated discussion shifts to whether or not CBS All Access is a value-added proposition, and whether or not Star Trek: Discovery is worth the cost. The Treksperts also discuss the consistency of the writing of Season 2.


Easter eggs abound in Season 2, and they hearken back to earlier incarnations of Trek. The Treksperts speculate on the identity of the Red Angel, followed by Pike analysis, including a comparison of Anson Mount vs. Bruce Greenwood.


The conversation shifts to The Orville, when the Treksperts analyze the first half of Season 2, discuss the humor, and an in-depth look the ‘relationship’ between Dr. Finn & Isaac.


We discuss all the latest Star Trek news & rumors, and then, as usual, we finish up with a blistering round of outtakes where hilarity ensues!  All this and more... in this exciting, banter-filled episode of The Treksperts Roundtable!  

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